About us

IMUNA PHARM, a.s. with residence in Šarišské Michaľany is a Slovak company which operates in the pharmaceutical industry. The company´s focus is on pharmaceutical manufacture, which itself is subject to the application of highly demanding manufacturing processes and strict criteria set and upheld by the World Health Organization (WHO) and which are in accord with the legislature of the European Union.

During the last 60 years of the company´s existence it has gone through a number of changes primarily in the field of technological development, the field of bussiness development and in the field of strategic activity. IMUNA PHARM has been a private company since 2002.

In the last few years IMUNA PHARM, a.s has, through the usage of EU funds, modernised and renovated it´s capacities for production, thanks to which it has been able to create more opportunities and expand on to foreign markets.

IMUNA PHARM, a.s. Šarišské Michaľany is a holder of the following certificates: GMP, ISO and CE.